Geography and Coastal Zone Management

After an awesome K-12 education and an exchange program with Canada World Youth that took me to Quebec and India, I began my undergraduate work at the University of Victoria in Geography in 1989.

Geography and Coastal Zone Management

This course of study balanced my worldview that humans are central actors in and impacted by nature and thus any study of science should also be a study of human kinds interactions with nature. I did extensive study into earth systems science while at the same time taking courses that dealt with the psychology and sociology of resource management and conflict.

My honours thesis was a study of the pulp and paper mill which had loomed large in the life of my hometown all my life. I examined how economic and social forces caused them to alter their technologies and make dramatic changes to the mill shifting it from one of the dirtiest polluters to a nearly pollution free facility.

Degree and Thesis

  • 1994, Bachelor of Science, Honors in the Co-operative Education Program (work/study), major in Geography, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada. Thesis: Use and abuse of the commons: An examination of resource management in the pulp and paper industry in coastal British Columbia. (Summary)

Cooperative Education and my Early Science Career

During my undergraduate degree from 1989-1994, I was part of the Geography department's Cooperative Education program. As a result I worked in a number of remote communities in forest ecology and resource management capacities.


  • 1992, Resource Use Researcher, Renewable Resources, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Whitehorse, YK, Canada.

  • 1991, Automated Cartographer, Coast Forest Management Consultants, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  • 1990, Engineering Field Assistant, Ministry of Forests, Bella Coola, BC, Canada.