Knowledge Exchange

One of the ways I support knowledge exchange globally is by sitting on panels, writing op eds, white papers, practice briefs, and research articles, and engaging deeply in longterm relationships with networks involved in the work. Most of this is detailed as it unfolds on my vita.

Selected Work

Morrison, D. L., Jessen, S., & Guilyardi, E. (In production). Section editors for “Structural support for building climate change education for systemic impact” within Sezen, A. & Tolbert, S. (Eds), Handbook of Climate Change Education, Springer. To be published in 2024.

Morrison, D. L. & Jessen, S. (2023). Creating Just and Resilient Sustainability Learning Ecosystems. Diplomatic Courier, Special COP28 Issue, November 22, 2023. 

Makokha, S. W., Gill, O., Yamaguchi, Y., Wilgenbus, D., Siegmund, A., & Morrison, D. L. (2023). Research to Accelerate Greening Education. Greening Education Partnership Panel Discussion, UNESCO at the UNFCCC COP28 meeting, December 8, 2023, Dubai, UAE.

2023-present, Member and Thought Partner, Greening Education Partnership, UNESCO

Byun, Won Jung, Guilyardi, E., Sharma, P. K., and Morrison, D. L. (2023). Greening Education Partnership: Synergies and opportunities for climate change education at COP28. Side event panel and workshop at the UNFCCC SB 58 meeting on June 10, 2023 in Bonn, Germany.

2023-present, Member, Climate Smart Education Systems Special Interest Group, Building Evidence in Education, Global Partnership for Education.

CLEAR Environmental

In 2021, with the COVID Pandemic raging, social justice conflict prevalent in the world, and climate change becoming impossible to deny and critical to act on, I decided to start a consultancy, geared at doing half pro bono and half paid work, based in Canada to mentor more people into the work so necessary to address these intersectional issues. I'm so honoured to see this organization off the ground and working to serve the people of our plant at all scales to ensure justice stays central in the work of climate action and empowerment.

Visit CLEAR Environmental to see what we are up to.