Publication Statistics

Collaborators and Products*

I have had the honor of collaborating with many people across different contexts during my career. The gifts of knowledge and new perspectives these collaborations have offered me have been invaluable. I thought it informative to include here gross counts of those with whom I have produced specific learning and communication artifacts in the world. My goal is to link my existing collaborators with each other, with others, and continue to foster knotworking (Engeström, 2005) in the world.

Totals in each activity area are unique to that activity but could be overlapping collaborators in different activity area. Eg. I've worked with Dr. Ellen Ebert in both professional learning, talks & presentations and practitioner writing. She is counted once in each activity area, even thought I've collaborated with her more than once in each of these categories. However, she is only represented once in the Total Number of Unique Collaborators count across all activity categories.


Engeström, Y. (2005). Knotworking to create collaborative intentionality capital in fluid organizational fields. In Collaborative capital: Creating intangible value. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Total Number of Unique Collaborators: 258


* Last updated January 2021