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Alicia Trotman Co-constructor of the NARST Equity and Ethics workspaces and inspired science educator. http://edutrotea.org/ 
Anne Gold CLEAN outreach coordinator and collaborator on climate science work in multiple ways. http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Anne-Gold/1609561507 
bell hooks Read everything she writes, very inspiring. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bell-Hooks/22762902634 
Ben Kirshner Co-teacher, mentor, and YPAR and critical pedagogy researcher. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/benkirshner/ 
Bill (William) Penuel Great collaborator, insightful equity centered educator... https://www.colorado.edu/education/william-penuel 
Bryan Brown Critical discourse in science education...changes the way you will think.  https://ed.stanford.edu/faculty/brbrown 
Cathy Manduca Geoscience educator, director of SERC, and central hub of activity in this area. http://serc.carleton.edu/serc/cathy.html 
Cesar Nufio Co-presenter, co-curriculum developer and grasshopper ecologist/climate scientist http://cumuseum.colorado.edu/research/people/c%C3%A9sar-nufio 
Cherry Brewton AMSE coordinator for all things equity and science teaching http://www.amsek16.org/www.amsek16.org/About_AMSE.html 
Cheryl Manning Amazing teacher of science, specifically climate science. Awesome collaborator on so many things. http://www.google.com/profiles/105747347233260147943 
Christina Sue Doctoral committee member and race scholar http://sociology.colorado.edu/people/sue-christina 
Christopher Emdin Technology, discourse and science unite!  http://chrisemdin.com/ 
Craig Schneider Co-teacher, mentor, google guru.  
Daniel Liston Mentor, teacher educator, and radical education thinker. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/danielliston/ 
Daniel Solorzano Equity scholar with work in critical race theory and spatial equity that is amazing. http://www.chavez.ucla.edu/people-faculty-and-staff/joint-faculty/daniel-solorzano 
Darrell Jackson (DJ) Collaborator and lawyer (I'll forgive him the latter) http://www.uwyo.edu/law/directory/darrell-d.-jackson.html 
Daryl Maeda Mentor and race historian and scholar. http://ethnicstudies.colorado.edu/faculty/maeda 
David Mogk Geology Department Head, Montana State University and a wealth of geoscience educational resources. http://www.montana.edu/wwwes/facstaff/mogk.htm 
Elizabeth Dutro Mentor, critical literacy scholar and fundamental support in transition to social sciences. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/elizabethdutro/ 
Elizabeth Mendoza UCDenver in Latino/a student services director and collaborator on several things.   
Emily Kellagher Co-teacher, climate science educator and involved in teacher outreach. http://www.iceeonline.org/iceeonline/icee-team/staff/emily-kellagher/ 
Enid Lee Anti-racist activist I hope to meet one day http://www.enidlee.com/ 
Enrique Lopez Mentor, colleague and awesome science education researcher. http://www.colorado.edu/education/people/enrique-lopez 
Erin Furtak Doctoral advisor and an expert in formative assessment. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/erinfurtak/ 
Felicia Mensah Moore Mentor and equity science scholar. http://www.tc.columbia.edu/academics/index.htm?facid=fm2140 
Gary Howard Anti-racist educator and writer http://www.ghequityinstitute.com/bio/GHbio.html 
http://eo.ucar.edu/visit/staffRP.html UCAR Education and Outreach Director http://eo.ucar.edu/visit/staffRP.html 
Jacqui Patterson Director of the NAACP climate justice initiative (video here http://vimeo.com/27557623) http://www.naacp.org/pages/climate-justice-initiative-about 
Jenna Reams Collaborator and critical teacher educator  
Jennifer Whitcomb Doctoral committee member and mentor in teacher education. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/jenniewhitcomb/ 
John Schwartz Teacher, blogger, teacher of student blogging http://kidslikeblogs.org/ 
Julie Andrew Master science educator and co-teacher in CUTeach program.  
Kathy Wright NSTA Director for Multicultural/Equity in Science Education http://www.zoominfo.com/#!search/profile/person?personId=184746202&targetid=profile 
Kris Gutierrez Mentor http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/krisgutierrez/ 
Linda Molner Kelley Mentor, teacher educator, and outreach mastermind. http://www.outreach.colorado.edu/ouo 
Margaret Eisenhart Doctoral committee member and mentor in ethnographic methods. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/margareteisenhart/ 
Mary Atwater Read anything and everything she has written  http://afam.uga.edu/directory/faculty/atwater.php 
Megan Bang Working at the intersection of equity, teacher education and science education. Amazing work! http://education.washington.edu/areas/ep/profiles/faculty/bang.html 
Melissa Campanella Terrific teacher of science, with respect particularly to CRT and climate science. Thoughtful and amazing collaborator.  
Morva McDonald Works in the area of social justice and teacher education https://education.uw.edu/people/faculty/morva 
Phil Bell Mentor and colleague at LIFE Center/ISME https://education.uw.edu/people/faculty/pbell 
Reiland Rabaka Mentor...I just can't write down of all the ways he has influenced me. http://ethnicstudies.colorado.edu/faculty/rabaka/ 
Salina Tynese Gray Climate change and social justice researcher working with Bryan Brown at Stanford  
Sara Heredia Collaborator, co-thinker  
Shelley Zion Social justice educator and critical pedagog who I co-taught with in Critical Civic Inquiry course. http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/colleges/SchoolOfEducation/FacultyandResearch/Pages/ShelleyZion.aspx 
Sophie Roudane LMAC program director and co-presenter on climate science  http://learnmoreaboutclimate.colorado.edu/ 
Stacey Forsyth Director of Science Discovery at the University of Colorado at Boulder http://sciencediscovery.colorado.edu/about/staff-biographies/ 
Subinni Annamma Collaborator and co-authored DisCrit with David O'Connor https://specialedu.ku.edu/subini-annamma 
Susan Buhr Co-teacher, CIRES climate science outreach director and colleague. http://cires.colorado.edu/education/outreach/people/buhr/ 
Susan DeBari Western Washington University Geology faculty involved in the North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership http://faculty.wwu.edu/~debari/web/susan.html 
Tim Wise Anti-racist educator and writer http://www.timwise.org/ 
Valerie Otero Science educator, LA Program founder, and champion for science literacy. http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/valerieotero/ 
Victoria Hand Doctoral committee member, mentor in equity education, and social justice math scholar http://www.colorado.edu/education/faculty/vickihand/ 
Violeta Garcia STEM Coordinator for Colorado and equity scholar. http://www.cde.state.co.us/stem/index.asp 
William Tate Equity scholar with terrific work in critical race theory, math education and interests in spatial equity intersections. http://education.wustl.edu/people/tate_william-f 
Wynn Martens Climate science outreach guru and networker. http://www.outreach.colorado.edu/ouo 
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