This is a space for thoughts and resources about anti-racism, and more generally anti-oppression, activism. 

I have moved many of these resources to A Teacher's Power site and continue to add things there. Please join that collaborative space to share more resources.
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 Digital Storytelling and Counter Narratives  
Articles: Selected References Deb Likes Selected References Please email Deb other great papers that should be added to this list ( 
Article: The first race to the top Here is a link to an oped article by William Reese worth looking over 
Article: What we aren't talking about when we talk about "white privilege" Article: What we aren't talking about when we talk about white privilege. I think this is helpful in deflating defensive reactions in whites. 
Article: You can't ban history As a science geek I find continually new understand in how art is a form/mode/platform of resistance to oppression. I also am gaining new understanding about how limited history is that has been taught to me in my own can we expand this. 
Blog: Dialogues on Diversity Conversations about Education and Diversity organized by Dr. Patrick DeWalt 
Cloaking Inequity  
Colorado Children's Campaign  
Colorado Support for Children A Precious Child  
Definitions Definitions Email Deb if you would like to add to this page 
Dian Ravitch's Blog Food for thought. 
Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry Watch her show on MSNBC 
Easy things to do as an anti-racist  
Enid Lee Consultants  
Equity Index Resources for Diverse Classrooms Lesson resources on and for a wide variety of diversity dimensions. 
First Ask then Listen Protocl  
Gary Howard Institute  
Just Listen - short videos from kids on what they need to learn YouTube site for Just Listen  
NAACP Climate Justice Initiative  
National Equity Project Check it out and get involved! 
Race Matters Institute  
Report: Preventing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect  
Resources: Suggestions by Dr. Duncan-Andrade Resources from Dr. Duncan-Andrade  
Rethinking Schools  
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development  
SEEDS project for inclusive curriculum  
Teaching for Change  
Teaching Tolerance  
Then Sean Met Khalid Home Site Look for the channel 8 live link to the play. 
Tim Wise's Organization  
Voices for America's Children Advocacy group for youth on a wide range of issues. 
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